If you want the ability to create repositories, contact me. Install ssh keys as described on the main page. Clone the repo at: The scripts in the client_scripts directory are what you need to setup and use repos.

Quick start example

Here's an example of me creating my 351 courses for 18-19 fall. First, get the repo list and make a directory for the repos. 1819a-csse351- csse351 >> repo_list.txt 
mkdir 1819-csse351-repos 
cd 1819-csse351-repos 

Then, make the repos and start adding files: ../repo_list.txt make_repos populate ~/rose/csse351/homework1-template homework1 

Create repo list

Get the makeRepoList script. Then issue this command: PREFIX SECTION >> file.txt
SECTION is the fully-qualified course name (e.g., csse351 or csse351-01). For example, if this command were issued: coursename- SECTION >> file.txt
If users1..5 are in SECTION, the contents of file.txt will be:
coursename-user1, user1
coursename-user2, user2
coursename-user3, user3
coursename-user4, user4
coursename-user5, user5
This file that is created (file.txt) is called a REPOSLISTFILE.

Create repos

You can manually create repos from a REPOSLISTFILE. You can give other access by adding their usernames as arguments to the command. REPOSLISTFILE make_repos TA1 TA2 TA3
This would create repos for all the names and users in the repolist file and allow TA1, TA2, and TA3 access.

Add TAs

You need to log into, and then run the following command.
/srv/admin/server/ REPOS.txt TA

Get all repos

You can clone repos from any repo list file: REPOSLISTFILE clone
Once the repos are cloned, you can pull and push and populate. Go to the directory that has all the repos you want to manipulate. pull populate FILE_TO_INSERT DEST_IN_REPO push